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Legal Defense for Traffic Violations in Windsor & Beyond

Your Traffic Ticket Terminators provide expert legal representation for clients charged with traffic violations in Windsor and communities across Ontario. With offices in both Windsor and London, we are poised to fight for you in any Ontario court. As a specialized legal firm, we are able to be on the cutting edge of all developments, information, ideas, and practices which allows us to craft the best possible defense for our clients. We offer our legal services at competitive rates for:

Call today to make an appointment to review your case at one of our convenient locations. As each location has varied specialties, we invite you to visit the office that best suits your needs.

Windsor Office

  • Traffic ticket defence
  • Commercial motor vehicle defence
  • Small claims court
  • Provincial Offences Act charges
  • Municipal by-laws
  • Provincial Offences Act appeals

London Office

  • Traffic ticket defence
  • Commercial motor vehicle defence
  • Small claims court
  • Smoke Free Ontario Act charges
  • Provincial Offences Act charges

Don’t Pay that Ticket!

Our team can help defend your driving record & insurance rates


If you are facing charges for a traffic offence, you could face penalties that impact your driving record as well as your finances including:

Driving without insurance
Minimum $5,000.00 fine on a first offence

Driving while under suspension
First offence $1,000.00

Additional six month licence suspension

Careless driving
Six demerit points
Fine between $400.00 and $2,000.00
Up to six months in jail
Up to a two year licence suspension

Failure to stop
Red light - 3 demerit points
Stop sign - 3 demerit points

Disobey sign - 2 demerit points

Failing to remain at the scene of an accident
Seven demerit points
Up to six months in jail
Up to a two year license suspension

Stunt driving
Six demerit points
Fine between $2,000.00 and $10,000.00
Possible two year license suspension

Up to six months in jail

Following too closely

Four demerit points

0-15 kilometers over the speed limit - 0 demerit points
16-29 kilometers over the speed limit - 3 demerit points
30-49 kilometers over the speed limit - 4 demerit points

50 or more kilometers over the speed limit - 6 demerit points

Whether you are a novice driver or have years of experience, we can help you fight any charges you received under the Highway Traffic Act. Careless driving, driving without insurance, driving under suspension, stunt driving, following too closely, red light tickets, speeding tickets, seat belt tickets, improper turns, improper lane changes, are just a few of the charges we can help you fight against. We have experience in conducting trials with favourable results.



More than anyone else, commercial drivers require a clean driving abstract. We provide experienced and effective defence of all charges laid by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) against commercial motor vehicle operators and drivers. Don’t just enter a plea to the charge. Let us help you save CVOR points by resolving the matter in the best way to save your record and insurance premiums. We can help you with MTO audits by reducing the number of convictions and CVOR points. We have experience in conducting trials, License Appeal Tribunal hearings, and other MTO licensing matters.


We have an excellent track record for these more serious offences where you cannot just pay the fine and never have to go Court. We go to Court for you so you do not have to take time off of work. We will deal with the prosecutor and appear in Court for you.


Small Claims

We can represent you if you want to sue someone because they owe you money, or we can help defend you if you are being sued. For contract disputes, unpaid invoice for goods or services, poor workmanship or damage to property, if your claim is $25,000 or less, we can help.


Debt Collection

Do you have an order from a board or tribunal? A small claims judgement? Let us help you to enforce the orders you have acquired so you can finally get the money you are owed.


Commissioner of Oaths

Do you need a Commissioner of Oaths to witness document signings and more? See us today for witnessing of sworn statements and more.

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